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See quoted replies and retweets on Twitter with this easy trick




The perfect part about seeing a tweet catch fire is reading snarky responses from people who retweet the tweet and add their own jabs, otherwise generally known as a quote reply or a quote retweet. Sadly, Twitter does not supply any single-click solution that will take you straight to a page to see all the quoted replies.

You possibly can tag a bot like Quoted Replies in a reply to the unique tweet, which will then generate a hyperlink, however which means it’s important to let everybody know you’re lurking round a specific tweet. Not ideal. Whereas there are different methods to get the job accomplished, here is one of many best methods to look and discover all the quoted replies and retweets for a specific tweet.

1. Go to the original tweet, and look at the URL in your browser’s address bar.


2. Copy that 19-digit string of numbers on the end of the tweet’s URL.

When you‘re using Twitter for iPhone or Android, you may also click on the share icon (the icon to the immediate right of the heart icon). When an inventory of options appears, tap Copy link to tweet.


3. Again in your Twitter Home screen, click on the magnifying glass Search icon.

4. Within the search bar, type url: then paste the string of numbers you copied in step 1.


If you‘re on Android or iPhone and you copied the link to the tweet, paste that link and delete everything except the 19-digit string of numbers on the finish. Then type url: at the front of these numbers.

Tip: Generally, at the end of that 19-digit string of numbers, you will see a question mark followed by more letters, numbers and symbols. Delete those too, or your search will not work such as you want it to.


5. Now hit enter and — yo! — you possibly can browse all the snarky replies and sizzling takes your heart desires.



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