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India is worst hit by COVID-19 second wave, from 21st April 2021, the country is reporting Three lakh confirmed circumstances day by day. On 6 Could 2020, greater than four lakh circumstances have been reported. The situation is getting worst and worst each single day and as a consequence of limited healthcare services, most people are usually not getting correct medical therapy. Now, in that case, everybody ought to be conscious that he really requires some medical help or not. If somebody having delicate signs occupies a mattress or makes use of an oxygen cylinder, then a extreme affected person may not get sufficient medical services. So, it is extremely important to research whether you really need to run to the hospital or not.

How Much Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2) is Healthy?

how to maintain blood oxygen level

As per present medical standards, a SpO2 level between 94 and 100 is considered to be regular. Blood Oxygen Level beneath 94 is taken into account as an indication of fear and if it drops beneath 90, then it’s a critical matter of concern. Then, the affected person is suggested to hunt medical assist as early as doable. When oxygen stage falls constantly within the human physique, this situation is named hypoxemia. Hypoxemia is attributable to low SpO2 stage and may trigger serious harm to the lungs, chest cavity or another organ involved in respiration. This could even trigger demise if the therapy not given correctly and on time. One medically proven resolution of increasing or sustaining blood oxygen stage on the consolation of your property is Proning.

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What Is Proning?

It is a position of making a affected person lie on a flat floor with face down i.e, on their stomach or abdomen. Proning is clinically confirmed to enhance respiratory effectivity and oxygenation in patients with low oxygen. The science behind that is that lying on the stomach helps preserve the alveolar models open that, in flip, helps in attaining higher respiratory consolation. This measure is strongly really useful by medical doctors and health officials, and it should be adopted when any individual faces problem in respiratory or the blood oxygen falls underneath 94. An average human physique can susceptible up to 10 hours a day, in a number of cycles.

Things That Should Be Taken Care With Proning

  • If you happen to had a meal, avoid proning for at least an hour.
  • If proning results in discomfort, cease it immediately.
  • Hold a monitor of any sores or accidents which will occur throughout the course of.
  • Apply proning only after consulting with your physician.
  • If somebody is ready for a hospital mattress, that is the best thing any individual can do to keep SpO2 in control.

Additionally, it is extremely essential to keep a track of your SpO2 stage if you’re infected from COVID-19. You should buy a typical oximeter from a medical store or use good bands or watches for real-time tracking. You can observe proning solely and only if you monitor your SpO2 stage at regular intervals. And most significantlySTAY HOME STAY SAFE.

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